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PLAN NOW to Attend: Sheep is Life Celebration 2015
--fun for your entire family--

Free to the Public Friday and Saturday
June 19th and 20th, 2015 9AM to 5PM
We look forward to seeing you at 19th annual celebration!

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Sheep is Life - Dibé bé Iiná is a celebration of traditional Navajo shepherding and weaving culture.

Participate in FREE sheep to loom fiber arts demonstrations and workshops including sheep shearing, skirting, washing, carding, dying, spinning, weaving, felting and other fiber arts offered Friday and Saturday. Enjoy educational workshops, Navajo cusine, vendors booths, Navajo Churro sheep and wool shows, and much more:

Learn about Navajo-Churro Sheep, the first dometicated breed of sheep developed in North America by Navajo and Hispanic shepherds at Navajo-Churro Sheep Show and Wool Shows.

Enjoy learning how to prepare and cook lamb and mutton with Chef Fracno Lee, featuring Navajo Churro Lamb. Discover the health benefits of consuming locally raised food.

Learn about traditional shepherding and lifeways.

Participate in workshops on sheep production and land management.

Discover how you can be successful as a sheep producer and fiber artist in today's world.

Meet Navajo-Churro sheep producers at our sheep camp.

Enjoy shopping at our vendors booths.

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If you have a workshop or presentation you would like to give during the pre-celebration event, please contact us.

If you would like to volunteer for Sheep is Life please contact us.

If you are a vendor or an organization and would like to set up a booth please contact us.

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Sheep is Life is sponsored by Diné bé Iiná and hosted by the Land Grant Office at Diné College at Tsaili AZ just east of Chinle and Canyon De Chelly National Monumnent on the Navajo Nation. 


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 Diné be’ iiná, means the way that we, the people live. We promote a sustainable livelihood through the Navajo Way of Life. Traditionally, this has been sheep, wool, and weaving and whatever comes from that.

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Attend Sheep is Life 2015
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Vendors are Welcome

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Your Support Is Needed
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We are a 501c3

Register Now

for our special workshop series offered before Sheep is Life Celebration. Learn in depth from Fiber Artists and Sheep Producers at Dine College Campus
June 15-18th

Click here for details on workshops and how to register for Pre-Celepration workshops

We are now taking reservations for the following workshops:

1. Advanced Navajo Twill Weaving

2. Basic Navajo Weaving

3. Sash Belt Weaving

4. Horse Cinch Weaving &
Lead Rope Braiding

5. Navajo Lap Spinning

6. Hand Carding Wool

7. Navajo Vegetal Wool Dyeing

8. Basic Kumihimo Interlaced Braiding

9. Advanced Weaving Techniques

10. Felting A Vest

11. Land Health Walkabout

12. Grazing Management